A Policemans Lot

This is a wonderfully amusing look at policing throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Exploring the history of the development of law and order, following the changes from the Charlie's, Parish Constables, Peelers and leading on to modern day policing.


This lecture can be adapted to include criminal history regarding some of the infamous and famous villains from the past two hundred years. These stories are illustrated by authentic catch pennies, historic wanted posters and record books dating back to the late eighteenth centuries. View at close hand items of punishment used in our prisons until the mid twentieth century.


Left; Tony in 1967
Above; Guess what - they named a beer after him!


Above; an extract from an 1869 Arundel Day Book. The enlarged area shows an entry stating that 2 boys, aged 7 and 13 years were flogged.



Our presentations are fully costumed and where possible we always include a large array of authentic artifacts, clothing and collectables, relating to the period and topic.

What's this?

Above; A prisoners I.D. badge for wing A, floor 2, cell 6 and an Edward VIII prison governors badge.

Below;News story describing the execution of prisoners Allen, Gould and Larkin.

Our impressive collection of early decorated truncheons, lovingly collected over the past 30 years together with police memorabilia and early uniforms lends visual interest to this comprehensive and humorous insight into the history of our police force.