Reminiscence -
The Way We Were

"The Way We Were" depicts the bizarre and callous side of wartime during the First and Second World Wars, yet it encapsulates the camaraderie, hope and determination of an island's spirited people. The birth of women's independence caused by the reversal of roles during wartime. The hardships brought on by the blackout, and of course the food, clothing, heating and travel rationing. All this is stunningly presented with an astonishing array of original items, collectables and clothing.



Most families own a box or scrapbook in which they keep tokens and mementoes of their family or lives. None are more poignant than old school reports, wedding lists, faded cards, photographs, or even a child's special drawing. Every cherished object unlocks a special memory, some of the smallest items often long forgotten in dark attics, strike a light in the memory of anyone who has lived during the twentieth century.

Learn about some of the fascinating wartime sayings and how the government promoted it's mend and make do campaign.




A selection of memorabilia from the War time periods


1920's Stockings