Sawbones & Quacks

This presentation is a relatively new talk looking at the fascinating picture of how medicine was practiced during the Roman Empire by the celebrated Greek surgeon Galen to Thomas Linacre instigator of the Royal Guild of Barber Surgeons, founded in the reign of Henry VIII.

Our talk is based on documentary evidence from the Welcome Foundation, and the Science and British Museums.



Roman Birthing Tool



Gold Angles given by the Monarch to protect from T.B.


This lecture is fully informative, using replica instruments and is highly amusing in it's delivery. So book us to see the chilling array of surgical instruments, hear all about battlefield surgery in the middle ages and scoff at the ridiculous cures for the plague!!

Tudor Barber Surgeons Box of Tools

King Henry VIII - Founder of the Guild of Barber Surgeons



If you thought the Romans were bad then the barbaric and often disastrous medicines and cures of the Tudor Barber Surgeons were even more toe curling! Live mice, frogs and dogs boiled alive!





Why do Barber's have red and white stripped poles as part of their trade mark?

Roman Medical Tools

Votive Offerings

Plague Victim
1400's Barber Surgeon

Barber Surgeon
Coat of Arms