Beauties & Beaux

Set against the backdrop of an age of reason, elegance and fine living of the wealthy and the peerage. The Eighteenth century saw a revolution in architecture, music and fashion. We set out to explore the high cost paid by a nation of people, who so slavishly followed the morals and craze of the 'Beau Monde'.

Pomander used to attract fleas from the lower part of the human body.

18th Century hand embroidered gents waistcoat

the ideal food

This extremely visual show is based on the period in our history, when both sexes spent lavishly on their attire. The days of Fops, Dandies and Marconies vied with the over painted ladies of the time. The Eighteenth century French Court set the trend and influenced high society until the out break of the French Revolution. The use of toxic paints remained in use until the early 19th century, when a clean fresh young complexion became the vogue, during the long reign of Queen Victoria.

The presenters are dressed in the evocative costumes of the period. All this played out with exaggerated mannerisms and delivered with a great sense of humour.


Learn all about the unusual and selective language of the fan and patches. We will tell you about the very dangerous make up and beauty aids, including the premature death of high society ladies from white lead poisoning.

Charles II shoes and Georgian ladies shoe and bag

Cold cream and Holloways treatment for Gout and Rheumatism

Masked Ball