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The Crown Regalia

Tony and Lizzie are
collecting exquisite
replicas of the
Coronation Regalia
to create a dazzling
display and a fasinating
presentation about the
State symbols of power
and authority handed down from generation to generation dating back to 828 AD.

The Crown Regailia belongs to the State and includes two Crowns, three Sceptres, an Orb, Ampulla an Anointing Spoon, Ring of State, a pair of Spurs and several Swords. Each piece signifies Majesty, Dignity, Justice, Christianity and Mercy.


The King George IV State Diadem

In 1821 King George IV had a fanciful Tudor Coronation which he stage managed himself. He ordered a new Crown made entirely with hired diamonds which was considered by many as rather feminine. Under public pressure he decided to change his mind and never actually wore this diadem. When Queen Victoria inherited the Crown she replaced the hired stones with her own collection of jewels and wore it at her own Coronation in 1837. Victoria was pictured wearing it on the world's first postage stamp issued in 1840, and today most postage stamps and coinage have an image of the Queen wearing this State Diadem.



Pictured above left is a rare set of The Cullinan Diamonds, cut as the exact replicas in Rock Crystal by the apprentice to Mr. Asscher who cut the original diamond for Edward VII in 1907. The picture on the right is the Cullinan Diamond in its raw state.