Our series of lectures have a difference! We transport our listeners back to the depths of time. Reality steps in as we portray period costumed characters, using artifacts to assist in illustrating the deprivations and conditions of the poorer classes as well as the opulence and glamour of the aristocrats.

Our presentations are ideal for Associations, Clubs and Societies, as well as Residential Care and Nursing Homes. We also cater for schools and can taylor our presentations to your current projects, please call us for details.

Basic fees for our presentations start from £75.00 exclusive of travel expenses currently set at 49 pence per mile, However, we are offering a one year deal for 2013 for our new presentation to mark The Great War 1914 - 1918, and our presentation Guy Fawkes for a fee of £65.00 exclusive of our travel expenses.  Click on the relevant button to read more!

Events for schools are from £280 per day.

Our Victorian Christmas shows during the month of December carry a fee of £125 exclusive of our travel costs at 49 pence per mile.  However, we offer this talk during the months of October to November only, at a reduced fee of £80.00 exclusive of travel set at 49 pence per mile.

Please browse though our web site to find out more about our presentation, discover a treasure trove of fascinating facts and snippets of intriguing information about the way we used to live.

Reminiscence, The Way We Were depicts the bizarre and callous side of wartime yet encapsulates the camaraderie, hope and determination of an islands spirited people.

A Policeman's Lot is a wonderfully humorous look at policing throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


Below Stairs is a presentation based on the period from the 1880's up to and including the Great War in 1914.


The Victorian Christmas depicts the drawing room entertainments that were part of everyone's Christmas during the 19th Century.


Beauties and Beaux is presented against the backdrop of an age of reason, elegance and the fine living of the wealthy peerage.


The Crown Jewels The history of the Coronation and
the jewels set into the royal regalia, are brilliantly
explained using Timespan's wonderful display of
replica Crown Jewels.

Sawbones and Quacks looks at the fascinating picture of how medicine was practiced , using replica surgical instruments.


1001 Knights Through the eyes of the Comptroller of the Royal Household Henry Guildford, we take a lively look at the Court of Henry VIII and his Queen, Catherine of Aragon circa 1530



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